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"Avatar Games Recruitment are a good example of what a professional, caring company does; not only do they work well with jobs and people, but they do it with a personal treatment. They take care of the client, help them and want the best possible outcome for you. Not only that but they keep in touch after the job is done. AGR are interested in finding the best possible solution for both parties; the company and the candidate. I feel this kind of involvement always leads to the best possible results."
Juan Pablo Ordóñez Senior Designer


"Watch out people! Avatar Games Recruitment is about to swoop down with large turns, like a bird of prey, hunting down the best talents in the videogames galaxy."
Carlo Mangani - Programmer


“Avatar are very friendly people and great workers. They work for the people and when there is a problem, they find the solution that help you and put you at ease to help you achieve your goals!”
Stefano Campodall'OrtoSenior Programmer


My experience with Avatar has been a very good one. They are true professionals and understands not only the individuals involved, but the reality of situations & life.
I believe Avatar can help anyone who gives Them the chance. I would recommend Avatar to any and everyone. Best of luck for the future!!!
Dave Blake – Audio Designer


Avatar are very professional recruiters with integrity and an outstanding knowledge of the industry. They are really good at talking through various options always willing to help with good advice and valuable information.

Alan Botvinick - Producer/Project Manager


Avatar are professional recruiters with great personalities who gives you excellent advice and great opportunities.
They are very helpful and supportive and I fully recommend them to anyone who is looking for a job within the games industry

Richard Blom - Lead Artist


Avatar are able to find you good positions in no time! Till now i never had the chance to accept or refuse so many job offers, with Avatar every day i expect to find in my email a new proposal. Able to communicate, They like to establish a friendly connection with people they work with, that's why we established an incredible partnership from the beginning. A real must-try-recruiter!
Carlo Bianchi - Lead Lighting Artist


“I would like to recommend Avatar’s staff as excellent and very organized people. They are very focused and dedicated to their work, always have enough time to answer your questions and are very qualified. The communication with Avatar is always a pleasure and their attitude is superb.
Avatar work hard to make sure the potential placements they are involved in, are good fits - for the candidate and the company as well.

Nikolay Stoyanov - Senior Concept Artist, Ubisoft